“Drone Inspired” is a South African Company that, after considerable Research and Development, has launched an Aerial Videography and Photographic UAV Platform for application in the Insurance Risk Assessment Field.

One of only 8 licenced Drone Flight Operations in the country presently, the concept has been designed to maximise Risk Assessment data through detailed “mapping” of plant and machinery, property and infrastructure.

“The use of Drone Aircraft to establish Risk Assessment and Client Recovery is the latest and most innovative tool in our industry.” (Leading US Insurer).

“Visionaries are not special people, the gift of true vision requires only a willingness to open your eyes to first find the horizon. Once fixated on the horizon, comes the ability to see beyond where the true magic of life exists…” Rick Beneteau


High Resolution Imaging and the use of Drones accelerates surveys of both accessible and remote product locations and can include the use of Thermal Image data collation – affording Insurers optimal data upon which to assess Risk as well as client recommendations on requisite insurance conformance requirements. In addition, the use of Drone imagery provides an electronic data base on client history and inventory.

Where as historically, Insurers were required to effect “manual survey and assessment” – often subjective and in remote locations “high risk”, the use of UAV’s to capture all requisite data in high image-electronic formats ensures optimum protection to both the insurer and the client.

As one leading US insurer quoted, “we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in providing better, faster and safer Risk and Claims assessment to our customers. Leveraging cutting edge technology can enhance our ability to assess and mitigate loss.”

Drone applications provide immediate data input in the most remote locations at a cost vastly more efficient than conventional manual surveys. Drone deployment is customised to Insurance inspection requirement however is optimally used in extensive and remote locations. Key functions would include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Loss Control and surety for customers
  • Detailed structural inspection (roofing structures, fire breaks, structural integrity etc.
  • Natural Disaster Response and Assessment

Drone Inspired will effect aerial and internal remote filming utilising the very latest videography and photographic technologies and gyroscopically stabilised Drone standard and thermal imaging cameras.

The final product may be in extremely high resolution (4k) or lower resolution making for more simplistic download by clients.

Marketing Edge:

The use of aerial videography is an enormously comprehensive and technical flight process and Drone Inspired is one of the few professional organisations able to meet stringent flight legislative requirements, public indemnity cover and levels of service excellence.

Service Excellence:

One of the key components is working “hand in hand” with the Insurer to establish precise data capture requirements. The use of electronic record of product will also mitigate the need for extensive litigation where a claim is contested or under dispute.


We at Drone Inspired are a specialist aviation company and would welcome the opportunity of discussing methods in which we could assist your organisation in optimal Risk Management Assessment.

Flight operations are undertaken by a team of highly qualified pilots and IT support from our team of specialists who would work hand in hand with you to establish optimal electronic records of client inventory.

We would be most happy to provide demonstration flight and open forum discussion at your convenience – without doubt UAV applications are coming to the very forefront of Insurance Assessment and to our knowledge we are the first commercial flight operations team in South Africa able to provide this service.

Do you have further inquiries ? Arrange for a demonstration today!

Mr Sean B Dyer

Drone Pilot

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Mr Riaan Pheiffer

Drone Pilot

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